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How to receive a refund for a product ordered on shark tank Ketoxol

by Kimiko

Shark tank was promoting a product Ketoxol. This product was ordered by a minor, 15 years old and ordered the product and I was charged.

I called the contact number and was told to submit an email to request a refund and not allowed to speak to anyone. Everytime I call the same man tells me to send an email and hangs up in my face.

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diet pills

by Audrielle

why is there so many differnt pills i have keto advanced weignt loss and it did not work. also keto complete and it did not work

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KETO/SHARK TANK weight loss product

by Mescal

I received an email from a long time friend. The email was about a product called KETO.

It said that all the sharks went in together to launch this product. I watch the show all the time and I was excited. I do not usually buy these types of products but because I received it from my friend I thought I would try. When I opened the email there was a colorful add About the KETO/Shark Tank Product.

I decided to try it. The add had a button to click for a free bottle and further into the add group prices on sale. I chose a group of 4bottles for 33.00. I clicked to purchase that selection.

When I completed my order. I calculated about 55. 00 total for the purchase. I received an email and on that email was a phone number.

I checked my bank account and saw a 198.00 charge pending on my account. I immediately called and got a man with a heavy accent. He told me that I had to read the fine print. and that each bottle was 60.00.

I told him that was bate and switch and they needed to adjust the amount. I was so taken I told them to cancel the order and that I will call my back to stop any payments to them. I called my bank and the money had been refunded into my account. The bank suggested I close the account and get a new card.

I write to you because I went on line and found a facebook page where hundreds of people who have been taken advantage of by this add. When I read the complaints in facebook it looks like these people are using these accounts to remove even more money from peoples accounts. I think it would be great if the Sharks set the record straight on this it would help a lot of people. I believe that seniors are being taken advantage of the most.

Seniors are on fixed incomes and this could be devastating to them. We all believe in Shark Tank and that is why we jump ion these adds so quickly. I hope this is helpful as we all are victims with this.

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scam using start tank panel

by Shantina

Does shark tank know that the product Purefit Keto is using shark tank panel to sell their product and state that the panel has invested 25 % to do so cyd

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Ordered a product but don’t want it

by Martisha

Yes on June 9 I ordered Some fat burner pill and my credit card and they declined the charge. I’m informing you that I don’t want your product and I have closed that account. I would like a response to this.

Thank you

Linda Raumaker

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by Bladimir

I ordered the trial nouveau restore revitalizing moisturizer for 30 day trial just paid shipping and handling. Less than 7 days I was charged for $89.94 Witch overdrafted my bank account and charged $36.00 for the overdraft fee.

I did not order anything else, so put my money back into my account asap. And do not use my bank card again.

The total ya'll owe my bank is $125.94. Oh and the $4.94 WAS FOR THE 30 DAY TRIAL.

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Diet products

by Braycen

Trying to get a phone number on an order for life power slim Barbara Corcoran they charged me for a product I didn't want and trying to get this taken off order Green Tea 24.95. Did not want order number is 98B6711046 my name Mary Shirey Marysville, Pa17053. Phone 717-957-4718

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Skin care.

by Tray

Omg. I just got charged $300.00 for the products from those 2 ladies I seen on your show.

They took it out of my account without permission. It was suppose to be $4.95. They sent me cellgica day cream,rapid eye cream and night cream. I thought it was from the 2 ladies and I don’t think it was.

HELP! I make $800.00 dollars on SS and now I have $500.00 to live off of for a month.

I trusted you all so I took a chance only because it was you. Please help me.

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